‘Next’ Zeven friends are struggling to make a life in the big city. They all have their own problems and secrets, even for each other. But how long can they keep it for themselves?

Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Release Date: 23 march 2018
Production Co: Messercola Drama / RTL Concentrate
Runtime: 5 x 10 min


“Zomer in Zeeland (800 Words)”








‘Zomer in Zeeland’ After the death of his wife Sjors Mulder moves from Amsterdam to Lekland with his two children. They quickly become the center of attention in this small town populated by weird and wonderful locals.

Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Release Date: 8 January 2018
Production Co: IDTV Film & Video Productions
Runtime: 12 x 43 min


“Lost in the Game”









‘Lost in the game’ follows the adventures of a group of children in a summer holiday camp. At first sight, the camp seems to have a survival-like character, but it soon turns out there is much more going on.

Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Release Date: 29 August 2016
Production Co: Bing Film & TV
Runtime: 50 x 10 min


“On Being a scientist”











‘On being a scientist’ tackles some major issues in modern science. In practice, millions of researchers around the world discover new things every day with professionalism and sound ethics.

Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Release Date: 7 April 2016
Production Co: Crocchetta Films
Runtime: 56 min